Website Design

Why We Are Better At Web Design

Web design companies, build your website and then leave you to do the rest. We also help your website to grow, as well as show you how to boost sales and generate leads from your website

Get to know your business

Every website, social media page and online marketing program setup, is based on a  comprehensive interview to establish your specific needs. This is the first step is to start a working relationship with you and your brand.

We build your online presence
We generate leads for your business
We advise you on how to grow

Our Online Business Packages

Now you get our all in one web design, hosting and lead generation package with no set-up fees, no contracts and no hidden costs.

Businesses looking for an online presence

1 Page


3 Email Accounts

Basic SEO

No Facebook Setup

No Lead Generation

Free Domain

Free Web Hosting

No Monthly Updates

Free Annual Redesign

Perfect for small businesses looking for an online presence.

Up to 10 Pages


50 Email Accounts

Medium SEO

Facebook Setup

Basic Lead Generation

Free Domain

Free Web Hosting

2 Hours of Monthly Updates

Free Annual Redesign

Professional Marketing

Up to 50 Pages


Unlimited Email Accounts

Active SEO

Facebook Setup

Active Lead Generation

Free Domain

Free Web Hosting

6 Hours of Monthly Updates

Free Annual Redesign

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is there a contract?

    All our packages are month-to-month. If you do wish to cancel you will need to give us 1 calendar month's notice.

  • Q. Can I update my own website?

    Yes. Remember, the more current your website is, the better chance it has to rank in Google. We will supply you with all the login details needed to access the content management system.

  • Q. What if I already have a website?

    We can design a new website, either a redesign or something new while keeping your existing site on the web. Once you have approved the design we will change them out.

  • Q. How long will it take to get my new website up?

    This depends on a few factors, and the package you select, but we aim to have all websites designed and ready to go live within two to four weeks. We ask a few questions about your business and ask you to send us any images, logos and other business related material which will help us understand your business better.

  • Q. What is lead generation?

    Every month we look at marketing opportunities to generate leads for you to turn into sales. We also offer 3 Lead Generation packages which you can add to your order when checking out.

  • Q. How will Webnamehosting help my business with regards to online marketing?

    Every month we send you a detailed report on how your business is doing online – how many visitors is your website getting, where are they coming from and how many leads you have received. Then our top packages give you access to a dedicated account manager advise you on how to grow even more.

  • Q. Can I upgrade to a larger package?

    Of course. If you start out on one of our lower tier packages, you can choose to upgrade at any time.

  • Q. Can I run e-commerce on my website?

    Yes. Please contact us to discuss your options.

  • Q. Can I buy my website or pay a once-off fee?

    You have the option to pay for a year in advance while still enjoying the monthly benefits. You can also buy out your website and the price will depend on the amount of effort we have put in to make your website live. 99% of our customers do not buy out their website as they will lose out on all the added benefits (free updates, website security, access to a dedicated account manager, and so on).

  • Q. Do you design logos?

    We don’t. We what we know best –  a secure and up to date website and advise on how to grow your business online.

  • Q. What other options are available to grow my business?

    All our packages are designed to not only get you a website but to grow your business online. If you want to give your a boost, our paid advertising (Google Adwords) are also available.

  • Q. Why isn’t my website ranking in Google?

    Ranking well on Google and other search engines doesn't happen overnight, especially when you have a new website. Our top package includes monthly SEO updates aimed at helping to improve rankings and presence on all Search Engines. If you want instant results, then consider our Google Paid Advertising.